Business Protection

Business protection helps to protect your client’s business

should a director, partner, member or key employee suffer a critical illness or die. It helps to make things right when things go wrong. We are experts at protecting businesses and we are here to help at every step of the way.

The objective of key person insurance is to compensate a business for loss of profits

on the death, critical illness, or disability as a result of sickness or accident of an employee.

As a business owner you will have considered disaster recovery and contingency planning; but have you thought about how the loss of a particular person would impact on the profitability of the company?

Keyperson Insurance

Shareholder & Director Protection

Whilst most companies are very busy running their business

many of them have not considered what may happen should a shareholder become seriously ill or even worse, die.

Being prepared for this potential and even sometimes fatal financial crisis should be paramount for many companies (especially private limited companies with a small group of shareholders).

Probably the biggest most single worry of any business partnership

is the risk that one of your partners may die or suffer a critical illness and their share of your business being handed over to someone else who may have very little interest in the business or could even run the risk of being reckless with their share of the company.

Partnership Protection

Group Life Insurance

Group life assurance enables employers to provide a tax-free lump sum benefit payment

and/or a longer term income, to an employee’s family and dependants if they should die in service. As well as encouraging staff loyalty and demonstrating a genuine care for staff welfare, provision of group life assurance also goes some way to reassuring employees that their efforts in the workplace really count.